GREEN OILS G.OILS FOR VETERAN'S HOMES SPONSORED BY H.A.N.D Hammer And Nail Depot AND FSP&E (928) 237-1527 H.A.N.D. Hammer And Nail Depot ZEH = Zero Energy Home = Solar + Wind (+) Produces MORE energy for sale back to the Utility Companies AT PEACK PRICES KIT=PRE-CUT 'GREEN' H.A.N.D. will: 1. PICK UP your G.OILS FREE! 2. REFINE your G.OILS for Fuel. 3. USE your G.OILS to help FUND the First ZEH(+)KIT home built in Northern Arizona for a returning Veteran. 4. Your donations are tax deductible (928) 237-1527 BUILT ON YOUR WASTE VEGETABLE G.OILS!!! This is my pledge: "The proceeds from Your Green Oils, will be used to help Advertise, Market and Build the First ZEH+Kit home built in Northern Arizona for a RETURNING VETERAN.  I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and all ACCOUNTING of this project will be PUBLICLY PUBLISHED". Jeffery DeMarco, FSP&E See the H.A.N.D. web site at: ZEH+KIT BUILT ON YOUR WASTE VEGETABLE OIL!!! TURN WASTE VEGETABLE OIL (WVO) INTO GREEN VEGETABLE OILS G.OILS H.A.N.D - A Building Supply company - and F.S.P.&E. Freedom Solar Power & Electric Co. - An Alternative Energy Company are building the FIRST ZEH+KIT home in Northern Arizona for a returning Veteran and needs YOUR WVO REFINED INTO G.OILS! Your Green Vegetable Oils will power the First ZEH + Kit home built in Northern Arizona to promote donations: Building Supplies to Build the First ZEH + Kit  Volunteers Constructing the First ZEH+Kit Property for the First ZEH+Kit A Diesel Vehicle using G.OILS as fuel All participating restaurants and organizations will receive FREE advertising on all print and web promotional materials. Quench... your motor's thirst! FSPE sets up contracts with 200 restaurants to supply waste fryer oil to the community bio-diesel plant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Bio-diesel equipment manufacturer Bio-diesel equipment manufacturer FSPE supplies the bio-diesel equipment directly to the city municipality quot;Quench" community bio-diesel plant produces upto 1000 gallons of bio-diesel per day The bio-diesel produced is sold to one buyer within the city