In 1890, a heroic and fearless Ph. D. historian from
University of Chicago, who could not get a job because
she was a woman, documented the systematic theft of
all the Native American Oil rights in Oklahoma.

First, the Land was legislated to change a thousand year
Native American Tradition that the land was owned
'communaly' into 'individual ownership'.

When the land was divided to each member of the tribe,
it was declared that all Orphans, then Widows, needed
A legal guradian (white) to handle all the paperwork
that the revenue from the oil wells generated and
systematically stole every drop of oil for over a century,
leaving the Native American Tribes destitute, having
been swindled out of everthing.

The Colville Alliance of Native American Tribes in Wash.
State received a $360,000.00 to plan an oil crop (canola)
on a portion of their 1.8 million acres of communal land.

The DoctorBioDiesel documentary produced by the
4EverGreen13_TVshow starts by connecting the recent
$360,000.00 grant to produce Oil above the ground
100 years after all the oil was stolen below the ground.