Ten Quick-Tips for Reducing Your Home Carbon Emissions Foot-Print

1. LIGHT UP - replace three incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs in your home and eliminate 300 lbs. of CO2 (lasts longer, burns less).

2. RECYCLE – recycling half of the aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper you use reduces 2400 lbs. of CO2.

3. PURCHASE GREEN POWER – if available in your area, purchase 100% green power from a company and prevent 3800 to 6200 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

4. BUILD GREEN & USE SOLAR POWER – if remodeling or building a new home, use green materials and solar energy (use federal tax credits and state buy down programs if available) to reduce 1000 to 6000 lbs. of CO2.

5. TURN IT DOWN_TURN IT UP – turn your heater down and your air conditioner up by three degrees and save 1050 lbs. of CO2 per year.

6. WASH COOL – do two loads of your laundry per week in cold or warm water instead of hot (and hang stuff out to dry when you can), save 500 lbs. of CO2 a year.

7. STORE SMARTLY, SAVE MONEY – buy energy star refrigerators and other appliances and save money as well as 1000 lbs. of CO2 a year.

8. BE WATER WISE – buy low-flow toilets that can save up to 22,000 gallons of water per year for a family of four.

9. USE GREEN PAINTS – buy No-VOC (volatile organic compounds) or lowVOC paints that can eliminate eye, nose and throat irritation, and more severe health threats.

10. FAN IT – Installing a whole-house or ceiling fan improves interior comfort by circulating cold and warm air and dramatically reduces the need for air conditioning at 1/10 the price.