To Start a successful BioGREEiesel Franchise:

1. Stop Calling it BioDiesel (Toxic, Explosive Regulations)
2. Start Calling it BioGREEiesel (Non-Toxic, Non-Explosive)

Start a BioGREEiesel distributing FRANCHISE.

As simple as having a Water distribution route.
Simple, packaged (NO-PUMP), Distribution.

Fuel can with BioGREEiesel or BioDiesel Quench your motor's thirst!  LogoRefuel BioDiesel or BioGREEiesel

No Hassle Code Compliance

Retailing BiodieselEverywhere

Lowest cost biofuel system
Existing stores handle biodiesel customers
Lowest priced biodiesel package anywhere
Packaged, convenient 5-gallon refillable jugs
Attractive retail displays
  • Lowest cost biofuel system.
  • Existing stores handle customers.
  • Packaged, convenient 5-gallon
    refillable jugs.
  • Attractive retail displays.
  • Lowest priced package
  • B-100 biodiesel with no

Packaged Distribution System

Packaged Distribution System
  • Practical alternative to underground systems.
  • Like propane tanks for B-B-Q's, the customer only buys the container once.
  • Bi-weekly route to retail stores.
  • Empty jugs picked up on route.
  • Jugs easily cleaned with a paper towel and biodiesel!

A Volume Distribution Business

Volume Distribution Business
  • Many retail locations:
    repair shops, convenience
    stores, hardware stores,
    tractor stores, etc.
  • Competitive pricing,
    currently $3.00 per gallon.
  • Profit on jugs and
    accessories too.

Many Other Options

Biodiesel distribution options
  • Other low cost package
    sizes available.
  • Become the local expert
    on biodiesel.
  • Other products can be
    added: vegetable oil
    based lubricants, BBQ
    fire starter, etc.

Easy & Fun to Distribute

Easy & Fun to Distribute
  • Low cost, efficient
    distribution system.
    • Pickup and delivery
  • Minimal regulatory overhead.
  • They can see you coming!
  • Fame and Glory!