BioGREEieselGuys is part of the
QUENCH! Oil Company Franchise
For the Acquisition of
Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) from Restaurants.

BioGREEieselGuys is the best choice for the disposal of used cooking oil because
Each franchise IS LOCAL. Creating local GREEN JOBS. Green Bucks for local SCHOOLS.

BioGREEieselGuys reduce America's dependence on foreign oil by promoting a
cleaner-burning  fuel called BioGREEiesel and turning grease into energy is a good idea
for all


"BioGREEiesel is the new Green!"


BioDiesel (BioGREEiesel) Green Bucks

What are BioGREEiesel Green Bucks ?
Your used cooking oil has value and BioGREEieselGuys
will pay you and the schools in your district U.S. dollars
for every gallon we collect for Green School Projects.
Please call QUENCH! Oil Company for rates and service.


Quench your motor's thirst!  Logo

Is your favorite restaurant a "BioGREEieseler"?
Look for this sticker in the window and know that the establishment
is using BioGREEieselGuys and contributing to a cleaner environment.
Each Restaurant supports Community Green Projects like
'School Green Bucks' and Zero Energy Home (ZEH) construction
for a returning disabled veteran in the local community.



What is SLIME Oil? SLIME! oil is the premium BioGREEiesel
product of The QUENCH! Oil Company and has physical properties
30 TIMES the Lubricating power of Petroleum for Diesel Engines.
BioGREEiesel is made from fryer oil and is used to LUBRICATE
diesel engines by mixing 1% (B1), 5% (B5), 10% (B10) or 20% (B20)
directly into your diesel engine tank



Quench your motor's thirst!  Logo

We are proud to support local, sustainable BioGREEiesel Franchises.
Clean BioGREEiesel from waste grease won't replace petroleum,
but it is a healthy fuel alternative that creates local green jobs.
BioGREEiesel is the only alternative substance in the US to complete
all Health Effects Testing under section 211(b) of the Clean Air Act.
BioGREEiesel provides a 90% reduction in cancer risks