Selected as equipment components to create THE PHYTO-TRON reactor:

1. PhytoTron500 - 500 gallon continuous feed Reactor
(Based Upon University Of Connecticut Patent Pending Reactor)
2. One 6,000 rpm centrifuge$ 1,500.00
3. One Ultrasonic transducer $  3,500.00
4. One MicroWave Cavity $  2,000.00
Minus Govt. Cash Rebate of 1/2 total price $6,250.00
Total out-of-pocket Expense $6,250.00

The standard 'batch method' of BioDiesel refinement, called The Transesterification Reaction
(in the presence of heat and Catalysts) AND The Settling Process, requires 1 hour for the
reaction and 12 hours of ‘settling’ time.

With the simple integration of “SonoChemistry” into THE PHYTO-TRON REACTOR consisting of:

1.   An UltraSonic Transducer of a unique design and relatively low power/frequency
      (which dramatically reduces cost)

2.  A MicroWave cavity for super-fast heating to an optimum of 140 degrees

3.  And an automated ‘small-scale’ PhytoTron is converted instantaneously to a continuous feed system,
    whereby instead of taking 12 hours in ‘batch mode’, will now take 8 minutes using 21st century SonoChemistry.

Cost of such UltraSonic equipment necessary, is as low as $3,500.00.
This is a remarkable drop from the $10,000.00 - $15,000 just a year ago.

If the total equipment cost of A PHYTO-TRON to enter the 25 billion dollar market is only $10,000.00,  a totally new BioDiesel Transesterification Industry can be borne overnight creating green jobs.

In Contrast, ‘turn-key’ equipment that includes SonoChemistry for 1,000 gal/per/day capacity
Systems routinely cost between $95,000.00 and $150,000.00 which is down from 1/2 million
just 2 years ago.

Employing this unique PHYTO-TRON design of a 500 gallon per day ‘continuous feed SonochemistryBioDiesel TransEsterification Reactor for less than $10,000.00 per installation can reach 5,000 Installations nationwide and create 25,000 new jobs.  Five (5) jobs for every one (1) installation.


  1. The purpose is to see if a combination of super-low-cost technology and significant Government Incentives can be ‘harnessed’ under a single ‘brand’ to produce a national network of 5,000 local and independent producers of an extremely standardized and effective and valuable BioDiesel product as a Lubricant from a $25 billion dollar ‘feed stock’ creating 25,000 new 'green jobs'.

  2. Harnessing a comprehensive set of U.S. Govt. FORMS comprising of Subsidies and Mandates that guarantee Renewable Incentives up to 90% of the equipment and production costs.

  3. Network a standardized marketing schematic of independent Cooperatives under the QUENCH! SLIME brand via the internet for all the Co-operativees to display in their local 200 restaurant-count territories for standardization, acquisition, distribution, sales, marketing and accounting.